A Life in Rhythm: Trichy Sankaran & The Offering of Curtis Andrews in Concert

Norman Rothstein Theatre 950 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver

World-renowned mridangam maestro Dr. Trichy Sankaran returns to Vancouver to perform with his long-time disciple Curtis Andrews and his ensemble, The Offering of Curtis Andrews. The last time this combination occurred in Vancouver was at a sold-out concert in 2018, which received rave reviews. COVID-derailed a planned CD release concert at the Indian Summer Festival in 2020. Finally, the […]

$13.75 – $27.54

Ruby Singh’s Vox.Infold

This is a special sound installation, experienced as an immersive experience or ‘sound bath’ in the groundbreaking Lobe studio using 4DSOUND technology. Vibroacoustic floor panels and speakers placed across the ceiling give you a sense of total immersion, with sound vibrations so intense that they cross into the realm of touch—you feel the sound as […]