Things are starting to shapeshift pretty quickly as we prepare to launch our 11th Edition of Indian Summer Festival we are actively looking for volunteers to help us with this season between now and the end of July 2021 (on an ongoing basis)!

If you would like to support the Arts and Indian Summer Festival as we prepare to kick off a Digital season (with a couple of in-person/tangible elements) and have a few hours to donate, and the prospect of spending your Summer 2021 as a volunteer for the ISF we’d love to hear from you!
We have a number of different opportunities available, whether you’re a social media user, someone looking for an opportunity to create and co-create, you love to geek out with tech hacks and testing, or you love the buzz of being in the midst of the behind the scenes adrenaline charges spaces, or simply just love the festival and want to share it with the world, we have something for you.


Here are some of the ways/roles in which you can support Indian Summer Festival:


Testers (for our new website/virtual stage/box office -Worpdress, Cinesend, Elevent):

Help support our festival by navigating our website as well as our online box office and virtual stage and provide us with your feedback if you see a problem that needs to be fixed. Your feedback is much appreciated at ISF!


The #ISFMandala project:

The ISFMandala Project is a digital community arts-meets-volunteerism campaign, inspired by Sheniz Janmohamed‘s “mandala a day” project.  Volunteers are invited to watch the video below (mandala making starts at 1:44) to learn from Sheniz Janmohamed about principles of mandala making, intuitive design, and good ways to take pictures of them!

After that, we want YOU to SAFELY make mandalas in your homes and yards across the province! Make only one, or make many! Post them on Instagram with the hashtag #isfmandalaproject or if you don’t have Instagram, send us a picture of them on info@indiansummerfest.ca and we will post them for you! This is one way to volunteer with ISF in 2021.


Social Media Amplification:

Help us spread the Indian Summer Society’s story by liking, commenting on, and sharing our social media posts.


Promoting the Punjabi Market Walking Tour:

Help promote the Punjabi Market Walking Tour by safely visiting the Punjabi Market on Main Street and recording a video of yourself while doing so. Then share a video of your visit on your social media accounts and mention the Indian Summer Festival.