The 13th Annual Indian Summer Festival took place from July 6-16th in Vancouver. In 2023 our distilled, powerful, ten-event lineup spoke to the theme of ‘inter/dependence’’. The idea of the individual human being as a distinct, autonomous, and self-determined unit is a fiction created by Euromodernity. Rather, Ancient Cultures have long understood that we exist in relationship to all. How could we truly understand our/selves in isolation when we are sculpted by near and distant conditions, and we affect all through our actions?

Our 2023 festival theme of inter/dependence was an invitation to our artists to unpack the illusion of separateness, to explore shifts in their own work from fragmentation and isolated individualism to constellations of connectedness. It is with this sentiment in our hearts – the power of the collective and the multivalent interdependence that is essential to societies and ecosystems – that we delivered this festival edition.

Punjabi Market Tour – Extended!

In front of Frontier Cloth House Main and E 51st Avenue, Vancouver

A self-guided tour for Covid times that takes you through the past, present and vibrant future of this significant market.

Imaginarium: Parables for a Planet in Crisis

Performance Works 1218 Cartwright St, Vancouver

Imaginarium is an electric evening of ideas, conversation and music hosted by award-winning Indigenous broadcaster and curator Jarrett Martineau and visionary artistic director Sirish Rao. Together, they invoke a long continuum of storytelling to weave present and past into intimate interviews with some of the world’s most noted writers and thinkers.  For this inaugural edition […]

$10 – $50


Performance Works 1218 Cartwright St, Vancouver

"A luscious celebration of all things sensual and erotic, full-throttled defiance of heteronormative clichés, and a loving embrace of self.” — A.A. Cristi, Broadway World Created by award-winning dancer and choreographer Sujit Vaidya, OFF CENTRE is a stunning and provocative dance performance. Two dancers - Sujit Vaidya and Arun Mathai - work in marvellous harmony […]

$5 – $45