Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre Accessibility

Events at this Venue: 


For the Radical Access Mapping Project accessibility audit of Roundhouse see here (thank you PuSh Festival for this resource!)


Wheelchair & Mobility Device Access:

Roundhouse is wheelchair and scooter accessible, including one washroom. Accessible push buttons are available at entrances, and doors are wide with flush thresholds. Hallways are wide with non-slip, non-glare floors.



There is parking (designated accessible parking and general public parking) within 200 feet of the building. There is parking available in the parking lot for cars or scooters, and scooters can be brought into the building.



Plan your trip. Address: 181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC V6Z 2W3

The Roundhouse Community Centre is 120 metres away from the Yaletown-Roundhouse Skytrain station, and is serviced by the #2, 6, 22, and 23 buses. It is also adjacent to the Yaletown Aquabus terminal. 



As an art installation, this will not be a seated event, but an accessible space that people are free to move through at their leisure. There are a small number of seats available throughout the Roundhouse if anyone needs to be seated. 



There is one gender neutral, accessible washroom, room 112, with a wide entrance. There is an unobstructed stall, but no automatic door. Grab bars and low sink/mirror are available. Other washroom facilities are rooms 110 and 109.



While Indian Summer Festival emails all guests requesting that attendees refrain from wearing scented products at all of our events, we do not enforce this policy, nor does the Roundhouse venue have permanent scent-free policies in place. 


Event Considerations


If you have any access requests or concerns regarding this information please email [email protected] or call 604 283 9172 ext. 1