Shaheen Nanji

Shaheen Nanji (Director, International Community Engagement at SFU) has worked on international development and international community engagement in the areas of education, diaspora, refugee and newcomers, diversity, public health and environment policy.

As a convenor of public engagement projects and dialogues on global issues, she strives to be an interlocutor and to explore the spaces in between diverse sectors, cultures, perspectives and interests. Her MA in International Studies focussed on the role and potential of diaspora engagement in international development. Her international work has been focused in Africa and Asia. Shaheen is committed to facilitating mutually productive university-community projects for international development and for the development of an inclusive Canada.

She is on the Boards of Burnaby Family Life and the BC Council for International Cooperation, is co-Chair of the Burnaby Together Coalition Against Racism and Hate and is an Associate of the SFU Centre for Dialogue.