Carmen Rodriguez

Carmen Rodríguez is a ChileanCanadian author, poet, educator, political social activist, and a founding member of Aquelarre Magazine. Along with her husband and daughters, she fled to Canada after the Chilean Coup of 1973 and where she now resides as a political refugee. Rodríguez is known for her unique approach to writing, publishing most of her work in both Spanish and English. The translations of Rodríguez’s work are done by her alone, a trend not commonly followed among other multilingual authors. Rodríguez translates her work until “[she feels] that both tips of [her] tongue and [her] two sets of ears were satisfied with the final product.'” Rodríguez’s major works are and a body to remember with, a collection of short stories, and Guerra Prolongada/Protracted War, a collection of poems in both English and Spanish

Rodríguez’s first publication was a short story submitted for an annual literary competition in Chile in 1972, for which she received an honorable mention.[5] In Canada, Rodríguez has had her works published in Paula magazine, Aquelarre magazine, Capilano ReviewFireweedNorte-Sur and Prison Journal.