Adham Shaikh

Adham Shaikh is an Emmy and Juno Award-nominated music producer, composer and DJ who brings his uniquely powerful global sounds to the world stage and screen, not to mention many a crowded dance floor.  Shaikh’s music is a blend of many different styles and techniques. It is a world groove blend of fusion, dub, world beat, tech house, ambient, and jazz. From growing up listening to Indian ragas and Western classical music, he developed an ear for a fusion of sounds from around the world. This musical blend of styles and traditions inspire his compositions. The 21st-century rituals of dance and chill-out have drawn Shaikh to explore the trance phenomenon that these different expressions of music create and allow.

Shaikh skilfully weaves organic and electronic sounds into music tapestries that take listeners on sonic journeys transcending time and place. He has released 14 albums and many individual compositions, among them the 2004 release, Fusion, which was nominated for a Juno Award in the World Music category and Universal Frequencies. Shaikh has scored original soundtracks for numerous film and television productions including National Geographic, Secret Plate (Disney Imax) and Velcrow Ripper’s Fierce Light.