Vancouver Playhouse Venue Accessibility

Events at this Venue:

July 14 and 15 – Nova Bhattacharya’s Svāhā!

Event Info:

Svāhā! features a dance performance accompanied by on-stage tabla drumming, live vocalization and singing by dancers, and pre-recorded music playback. Incandescent and LED lights will be used to light up the stage and 9 moving lights will accompany the dance performance.  Possible use of a haze/fog machine and a confetti machine.

Venue Access:

Wheelchair & Mobility Device Access:

  • The Playhouse is wheelchair and scooter accessible, including washrooms, with no steps or stairs from the street to the theatre. There are 5 wheelchair accessible seats at the Orchestra level. 


  • There is parking (one designated accessible parking and general public parking) directly opposite the venue entrance and on adjacent streets, and accessible parking in the lot underneath the Playhouse, which is within 50m of the Elevator to the Playhouse level.  



  • Visible at front entrance, only in English
  • No braille

Parking and transit:

  • Accessible parking within 200 feet of entrance; drop off space at entrance (only 1 space on street, others in underground parkade)
  • Stadium/Chinatown Skytrain 300m from entrance


  • Main entrance is wheelchair, walker, and mobility scooter accessible
  • Ground has curb cuts but no ramps


  • Accessible entrance door is 44” wide and threshold is flush with floor
  • Automatic Accessible Doors
  • Elevator for Seating on Balcony, at least 5’*5’
  • Floor incline: sometimes greater than 1:12
  • Rest seating available in the lobby
  • Water Fountain available in lobby


  • Fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen lighting
  • Warning signs used if strobe light/ smoke/ explosive sounds are used


  • Venue seating: 16×16” folding chairs
  • Front row can be removed for wheelchair and scooter users, chairs can be included for their companions
  • Room for walkers in front row; ushers can assist with walker storage
  • Unobstructed view for lip reading and interpretation
  • Rest seating: bench in hallway
  • For access to any accessible seating, please contact the box office at 604.801.6225 or email [email protected]


  • There are two gender neutral, accessible washrooms in the main lobby which are wheelchair accessible
  • Automatic doors

Guide dogs:

  • Room for guide dogs at seat
  • Rest/toilet area for guide dogs outside of venue (not designated)
  • Water for guide dogs available with staff assistance

Hearing/Vision Assistance:

  • Hearing-assist units and binoculars are available at the main lobby coat check. Deposit a piece of ID.