Against a lush green outdoor backdrop, Anya looks straight into the camera with a smile, sporting a collared white textured top. She is wearing long blue beaded earrings.

Anya Rawla She/They


Anya is a seasoned arts administrator who has recently pivoted into the world of fundraising. Growing up as a first-gen brown kid in a predominantly white neighborhood, she often experienced imposter syndrome in South Asian spaces. Since exploring community connection within arts and culture events, she has come to appreciate the complexity of her identities and has found multiple ways to be in community. As an advocate for collective liberation she has been finding her voice and she promises it is only going to get louder.

As Development Coordinator, Anya works closely with the Executive team to facilitate all fundraising activities of the society. She is deeply engaged in grants project management, enjoying the critical thinking, intuitive questioning and exploration of nonprofit roles/responsibilities that this work requires. A meticulous data geek, Anya ensures that all systems are organized, accessible, and efficiently managed through robust CRM and interdepartmental reporting systems.

Apart from fundraising project management at Indian Summer Arts Society, Anya has been known to conduct the dance floor as DJ Business Bacha and can otherwise be found cataloguing her spice collection.

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