Anya is smiling at the camera as her hand rest on top of each other.

Anya Rawla She/Her


Anya Rawla is a queer diasporic desi that is drawn to the intersections between artists, curators, and teams. Her duality finds her just as serene behind-the-scenes as she is flexing her skills as a front-of-house specialist. Whether she is welcoming audiences, designing box office systems, or colour-coding spreadsheets, Anya always brings her A-game and a sense of joy to her work. 

In 2017, she completed her associate certificate in Human Resources Management, and she is currently working towards her diploma in Business Administration at BCIT. She is looking forward to applying her education to support both intersectionality in the arts and safe spaces in the events industry.

Apart from maintaining files and databases at Indian Summer Arts Society, Anya can be found spinning techno beats and organizing her spice cupboard.

Contact Anya for inquiries regarding development and fundraising at