Ron Basford Park Accessibility

Events at this Venue:

Event Info: This an outdoor event with seating on the grass. The show will feature gentle live music and poetry readings.


Venue Access: 


Ron Basford Park occupies the southeastern corner of Granville Island, between Performance Works and the Granville Island Hotel.


This event is rain or shine. If it’s a hot day, bring sunscreen, water and an umbrella. If it rains, we’ll move the event indoors to our festival hub at Performance Works on Granville Island. 


While Granville Island is a busy tourist destination with heavy foot traffic, this park tends to be on the quieter side of the island.


Wheelchair & Mobility Device Access:


The stage is located at the bottom of a sloped lawn. The lawn has been landscaped into large flat shelves, so seating is on flat grassy surfaces accessed by sloping lawn. The perimeter of the park is accessible by a concrete path. As the audience area is grass, we will hold reserved space on paved areas for wheelchair and accessible seating.


See image here: Ron Basford Park Seating Area.




The nearest parking (both designated accessible parking and general public parking) is in front of the Performance Works venue, which is 150 meters away on a flat concrete path.




Plan your trip. Address: 1218 Cartwright St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R8


The perimeter of Granville Island is well connected to public transit, however there is no bus service directly onto the island. There are various walkways to enter the island from the nearest transit stop (depending on where you are coming from), which are a mix of dirt or paved paths, or wooden boardwalks. In some cases the paving is uneven. Guests using wheelchairs are encouraged to use the HandyDart service or private transportation.




The amphitheatre is a natural grassy surface with BYO seating. Bring a mat, blanket, folding chair or seating surface of your choice to make yourself comfortable – think picnic in the park. 




This event has poetry readings and ambient acoustic music that will be amplified. There will be no lighting other than daylight, and the ambient noise of the park and the water.