Ocean Artworks Accessibility

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This event has DJs and other artists playing loud music, and there will be nightclub-style bright, moving lighting throughout. There will be no flashing or strobing lights. The venue is ground level and is fully accessible to mobility devices. The event will take place in an open-air venue, so weather may be a factor.

There will be a mix of standing and seated areas, and some seating will be on bales of straw.

Ocean Artworks

Visual art installation consisting of a large sculpture in an open air, covered courtyard.

The area is immediately adjacent to accessible parking (directly across the street), and there are no steps or significant slopes from the street, to the sidewalk, to the installation area. The installation area will have area rugs on the ground, which will be smooth, but will make movement with a wheelchair over the carpeted area slightly more difficult. 

There will be quiet, ambient music played throughout the installation space, and some subtle, audio-visual elements, with no flashing or strobing lights.