July 12: OFF CENTRE | Accessibility


For the Radical Access Mapping Project accessibility audit of Performance Works see here (thank you PuSh Festival for this resource!)


Performance Works is audience wheelchair and scooter accessible, including washrooms, with no steps or stairs from the street to the theatre, or within the theatre.

These events are all by general admission, so wheelchair seating can be wherever you prefer: the front, the back, or on an aisle. Please contact [email protected] to specify your preference. You will also be prompted to indicate any seating requirements during the checkout process when purchasing tickets through Eventbrite.


There is parking (designated accessible parking and general public parking) directly opposite the venue entrance. The accessible parking is within 20 feet of the entrance to the building.


Plan your trip. Address: 1218 Cartwright St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R8

The perimeter of Granville Island is well connected to public transit, however, there is no bus service directly onto the island. There are various walkways to enter the island from the nearest transit stop (depending on where you are coming from), which are a mix of dirt or paved paths, or wooden boardwalks. In some cases the paving is uneven. Guests using wheelchairs are encouraged to use the HandyDart service or private transportation.


When an event has chairs (detailed by event below), chairs are folding, metal, stackable seats with lightly cushioned backs and bottoms and no armrests. Chairs are organized in rows on a flat floor, arranged to face the elevated stage, with a wide aisle. To reserve any seating location for accessibility reasons, contact [email protected].


There are two washrooms, one with stalls and one with urinals and stalls. Each bathroom has one accessible stall, but each has a sharp turn to access the stall, and each bathroom has a fairly narrow corridor to the stalls from the entrance.

Both bathrooms will be gender-neutral with clear signage. 


While the Indian Summer Festival emails all ticket holders requesting that attendees refrain from wearing scented products at all of our events, we do not enforce this policy, nor does the Performance Works venue have permanent scent-free policies in place. 

This is an indoor event, with garage doors along one wall open for air circulation (weather permitting).


This is an indoor event, with garage doors along one wall open for air circulation (weather permitting).


All seated indoor events, with chairs in rows facing the stage.


Accompanist soundtrack to the dance performance.

If you have any access requests or concerns regarding this information please email
[email protected] or call 604 283 9172 ext. 1