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date & time Tuesday, July 9 - Sunday, July 14

location Fei and Milton Wong Theatre

tickets $10-$30 (Free for SFU students)
The banner shows two white sculptures embracing against a dark background with red and teal accents. The festival logo and dates "Indian Summer Festival 2024" are displayed in the top left corner and the word 'UNION' in all caps, white bold letter in the bottom left corner.


July 9 to 12: Hourly from 4pm – 8pm
July 13 & 14: Hourly from 1pm – 6pm


July 9 at 7pm
July 13 at 5pm

Join us for a unique journey into UNION, an interactive narrative exploring ancestral memories and intimate rituals within a post-apocalyptic world. Conceived by visionary artists Kiran Bhumber and Nancy Lee, this immersive installation incorporates performance, sculpture, and transforms into a captivating extended reality adventure.


Immersive Storytelling: Experience a tale of two beings bound by their desire for touch and connection, set against the backdrop of a world crumbling behind its polished veneer. The story draws deeply from the diasporic identities of the artists, unravelling and reweaving cultural memory through the sacred acts of spiritual union and physical intimacy.

Explore Four Unique Worlds: Navigate through the four interconnected realms of the UNION universe.

• CYBERWORLD: Delve into a realm where digital and reality blur.
• DYSTOPIA: Encounter the stark beauty of a world in the shadows of collapse.
• CYBERATTACK: Thrive in the chaos of digital disruptions.
• UTOPIA: Discover the serene promise of a new beginning.

WebXR Platform: Experience UNION through our seamless WebXR environment on Mozilla Hubs, accessible through Firefox and Chrome. Forget traditional exhibitions, immerse yourself in thematic worlds designed to unsettle, delight, and transform.

Get ready for a black box experience unlike any other! UNION is an exploration of memory, identity, and the potential futures we could share. Ready to explore? We invite you to join us at the edge of the virtual and the real.

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Venue: Fei and Milton Wong Theatre

Why Attend

  • Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing tale of touch and unity, while celebrating the rich cultural memories of the artists.
  • Explore four unique worlds crafted to challenge and captivate, providing a multifaceted adventure that combines art and technology.
  • Experience disruptive innovation that transcends traditional exhibitions, inviting you to interact with worlds beyond our own.

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For inquiries and further information, email [email protected]

For inquiries and further information, email [email protected]



Tuesday, July 9
Sunday, July 14
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