Han Han’s Power of 10

As we gear up for the 10th anniversary of Indian Summer Festival, we’ve invited 10 ISF alumni to share 10 artists that inspire them.

Our first guest was the amazing Ruby Singh, sharing 10 South Asian artists that are an inspiration for him. Today we have the pleasure of Han Han sharing her 10 artists who have influenced and inspired her music.

Han Han is a Filipina-Canadian artist who uses rap and spoken word techniques to deliver her vocals. Her approach is melodic, and she chooses to sing almost exclusively in Filipino languages — Tagalog and Cebuano — rather than shoehorning her ideas into translation in order to cater to English-speaking audiences. Her songs combine contemporary, 808-hip-hop beats with traditional Filipino rhythms and cadences, yielding fresh sounds that tend to spur dancing wherever they’re heard.

Check out Han Han’s power of 10!

1. Stevie Wonder

Because it’s STEVIE! I just love his music, especially the song “Higher Ground”


2. Asin

This is an old Filipino folk band I highly respect as an artist. Their songs are very poetic, socially conscious and just beautiful to listen to. “Black Eyed Peas” even sampled one of their songs, “Balita” in “The Apl Song”.

3. Eraserheads

My favourite band, considered to be “The Beatles” of the Philippines. They have clever songwriting skills. Their songs hit the Filipino spirit in me.

4. Nirvana

I feel the honesty in Kurt’s voice and delivery. I’m a huge Nirvana fan.

5. Nas and Damian Marley

“Distant Relatives” is one of my favourite albums. I never get bored listening to it ON REPEAT! My favourite track in the album is “Patience”.

6. Bon Jovi

I play old Bon Jovi tracks if I want to cheer myself up! I’m a fan since I was 9! “These Days”, “Crossroads” and “Keep the Faith” were my favourite albums. I got through a lot of stress as a kid because of Bon Jovi. haha! So thank you Tommy and Gina! I’ve seen them so many times LIVE and I have to say JON is an awesome showman.

7. M.I.A.

She’s dope. I met her in person. She is fire, intelligent, humble and uncompromising of her art. She’s a real artist and she inspires me.

8. Mariah Carey

Because she can sing and write her own songs. Her music just soothes you, and she’s a DIVA yet she knows how to make fun of herself. She’s funny. She’s a queen!

9. Chris Cornell

I love everything Chris Cornell. His lyricsm, his voice and how he delivers a song are perfect to me. He is my favourite rockstar.

10. Lauryn Hill

She is one of the best! Her songs never gets old to me. Her “Turn the Lights Down Low” duet with Bob Marley has to be one of my fave tunes to listen to.

Honourable mentions

Rage Against the Machine

Because it’s RAGE! “Wake Up” is my favourite track of theirs.

Digable Planets

I just love their style of old school hip hop. “Rebirth of Slick” is one of my favourite hip hop tracks of all time. Just fun and playful with words.

Spice Girls

Because GIRL POWER! I grew up listening to them. I enjoy listening to their music. It’s nostalgic.

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