July 7 - July 17, 2022 #ISF2022

Inner / Outer Climates

Photo of Arooj Aftab standing on stage singing on a microphone, wearing a black goth style blouse with feathery sleeves.
  • Days 10
  • Events 11
  • Artists 94
  • Attendees 15,802
Festival Program

Event Description

The theme of Inner / Outer Climates speaks to our deepest concerns – personally and as a society. We presented some of the world’s most powerful thinkers on climate change and social justice, a 2022 Grammy Award-winning musician, a boundary-pushing dance performance, a science-meets-art experience that brings you music from mushrooms, doctors, and healers forging new pathways in the complex art of healing, award-winning filmmakers, sitar maestros, tabla wizards, brass bands, human-animal hip hop collaborations, outdoor art installations, Indigenous and South Asian DJs reclaiming their languages while making new ones. There was food for thought and for the stomach, celebration, and provocation. We were honored to present a galaxy of artists who led us to examine and dream of new ways of living our lives and healing our inner and outer climates.