June 17- July 17 #ISF2021


Anoushka Shankar stares intently into the camera with hazel brown eyes. Anoushka has a black, curly, messy bob, a small gold hoop nose ring and similar gold earrings. Anoushka is wearing a white button down pleated shirt.
  • Days 30
  • Events 20
  • Artists 91
  • Attendees 180,540
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Event Description

Shapeshifting is possibly what we need to save us – from the failure of our own structures, from the
frightening politics of domination we see around the world, and to transcend this moment. This year we have a strong focus on our treasurable ecosystem of local artists, and also local restaurants and markets, hoping to knit and hold together the community around us and supporting each other through this difficult time. We still retain our international reach though, with stellar guest artists joining virtually from San Francisco, Dubai, London, and Lahore. The festival includes virtual and hybrid features and immersive elements to bridge the gap in human connection that we’re all feeling. We have virtual events you can watch on demand, a self-guided walking tour, an immersive ‘sound bath’ experience, and door-delivered food, bringing the festival to you in a myriad of ways.