July 9-19, 2019 #ISF2019

Tricksters, Magicians and Oracles

  • Days 11
  • Events 31
  • Artists 195
  • Attendees 8,675
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Event Description

This year it was ‘Tricksters, Magicians and Oracles’. Tricksters exist in every culture – they are quick, brilliant, and play tricks with our senses. We give them the right to offend, and in exchange, they give us new perspectives. Magicians conjure up, out of nothing, beautiful works of art, or new realities to reach for. Oracles light the path towards futures unknown to us, but that they have already envisioned. For our ninth edition, we’ve invited an incredible range of artists who do that, and who are either tricksters, magicians or oracles in their own way.