A World of PARADOX at Indian Summer Festival 2024!

The image features the text "Indian Summer Festival Paradox" in large, bold letters on a textured beige background. To the right, there is an intricate illustration that includes a tree with lush green leaves and pink blossoms, a decorative rug, and abstract roots extending downward. The design is colorful and has a detailed, traditional artistic style.


Announcing ISF2024

From July 4-14, 2024, the Indian Summer Festival will showcase over 80 artists across a spectrum of arts, from live concerts to thought-provoking discussions and breathtaking visual arts displays right here in Vancouver. 

This Year’s Theme: PARADOX

You are invited to a ten-day artistic exploration that unravels the beauty of contradictions under the timely theme of “PARADOX.”

Throughout this year’s festival, we will grapple with the dualities that shape our existence—from the ancient myths that formed our past to the sublime visions forecasting our future. Each day will be a celebration of the interconnectedness of our seemingly disparate realities. 

About Indian Summer Arts Society

Founded in 2011, the Indian Summer Arts Society (ISAS) is renowned for filling a crucial gap in showcasing dynamic and contemporary South Asian culture. Our small but mighty team continually raises the bar by securing world-renowned and emerging artists that are shifting the artistic landscape and sparking intriguing conversations. Through art, we foster rich dialogues and build connections across cultural divides.

Upcoming Event Spotlights

With our already-launched marquee event, An Evening with ALOK, creating quite the buzz this year, here are the next wave of experiences we’ve curated for you. 

Opening Party: PARADOX

Thursday July 4, 2024

Kick off the festival at our legendary Opening Party. A glittering crowd, incredible performances by Shruti Ramani and DJ duo Lil India, and delicious bites promise one smashing night that is set to be the highlight of Vancouver’s arts scene!

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Arushi Jain, Sheherazaad and Piu: In Concert

Thursday, July 11, 2024

You will definitely enjoy this show if you appreciate the power of music to carry you away to distant horizons, where impossible dreams are possible. While rooted in classical Indian music, these three daring female musicians will take you far from the ordinary. Curated by Jarrett Martineau.

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The Last Prayer Bead: Poetry, Story and Song

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

There’s nothing quite like sitting under the stars tucked under blankets while soaking in soul-stirring poetry as the city winds down. Accompanied by world-renowned musicians, Arthur Flowers leads us through a shared mystical journey. Curated by Ruby Singh

Join the Circle

At the heart of ISF024 is the celebration of shared artistic experiences that have the power to open portals to deeper understanding. Discover new artists you will love and stay on the forefront of artistic innovation.

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