Sanket Jadia

A multidisciplinary experimentation with both medium and form is integral to the nature of Sanket’s artistic practice. Each work is conceived in the form of an inquiry, with a conscious attempt to intervene in the existing modes of meaning production. His artistic practice relies on the inherent creative possibilities that art facilities; he has evolved particular strategies of intervention through which he pose questions that have no immediate conclusions, but open out multiple and layered possibilities of contemplation. The attempt is to introduce contradictions within the usual scheme of perception, to interrogate reality as it is taken. Art at its essence has a transcendental ability to subtly transform our very relationship with the real.  Sanket completed Master’ of Visual Arts from Ambedkar University, Delhi (2015) and Baclelor’ of Fine Arts (Painting) from VNSGU, Surat (2013). He was Artist-in-Residence in the third iteration of the Of Games Residency at the Khoj International Artist’ Association in an Artist- Curator synergy with Mario D’Souza. He also participated in the Khoj Peers program (Artist-in-residence, 2014). His group participations include Level 01 (2016), Activating Space (2015), Degree show (MVA – 2015), Peers Share (2014) and Degree Show (BFA – 2013). He currently lives and works in Delhi.