Nhylar (Curator)

Nhylar (she/they/he) is a queer GNC (gender non-conforming) storyteller, media artist, poet, and healing community arts event producer born in India, and a recent settler on MST territories. Their creative energy is fueled by crafting media, poems, and events that liberate queer identities. Nhylar has a rich history of producing numerous events that unite the Desi, Queer, and Desi Queer communities in Vancouver, LA, and beyond. Driven by a passion for building inclusive spaces for non-binary, femme, and QTBIPOC individuals, they have collaborated with organizations such as Queer Mango, Queer Arts Exchange, and the Transgender Expressions Haven. At the Transgender Expressions Haven, Nhylar harnessed their creative talents to produce a virtual art gallery under the theme “Queer Digital Intimacy,” showcasing trans artists from around the globe through media art. What began as a Tumblr page connecting poets worldwide in an exchange of queer ideas has blossomed into Nhylar’s full-time passion: using language and visuals to explore the intersection of queer hardship, oppression, and the transcendence found in queer eroticism.

Inspired by the realization that a single piece of media or a genuinely inclusive 2SLGBTQ+ community gathering can transform core beliefs and offer new perspectives, Nhylar remains dedicated to curating impactful and transformative experiences.

Photo Credit: Seenu Yellapu