Anjali Appadurai (She/Her)

Anjali spent her early career organizing young people from all over the world to build a strong civil society voice at the UN Climate Convention. After her work as a youth organizer, she continued this work with coalitions of social movements and grassroots organizations from around the world to demand climate justice at a multilateral level.

Today, Anjali is passionate about making the links between climate change and globalization, colonization, and economic inequality. She recently founded the Padma Centre for Climate Justice, a project that brings together diasporic communities around transformative climate policy solutions. Her work with the Padma Centre is connected to her role as Campaigns Director at the Climate Emergency Unit. She recently ran for the NDP in the 2021 federal election in Vancouver Granville. Also a musician in her spare time, Anjali hopes to weave politics and art together to reflect the times we are living in and galvanize true collective action.