All of Us Collective

All of Us is a collective of street dancers with a love for self-expression and story-telling through freestyle dance. Representing diverse styles including (but not limited to) Hip Hop which originated in the Bronx, NYC; to Dancehall from Kingston, Jamaica; to Popping with roots in Oakland and Fresno, California; we bring the love of community, culture, and connection to the stage. While performers include multigeneration pillars to the Street Dance Community in the lower mainland: Cristina Bucci, Natasha Gorrie, Jesse Kim, Alyssa Amarshi, Jayda Bhinder, and Tegvaran Sooch, we would also like to acknowledge that All of Us includes you. In street dance culture, the cypher is a dance circle where dancers often go in one at a time to share and therefore move seamlessly from performer to witness. In this space, those who are witnessing are just as important as those who are moving. The feeling of the cypher is what we aim to bring to our performance. Beyond encouraging active participation, we bridge the gap between audience and artist, through a sincere exchange of energy. We hope this performance leaves you with the feeling that your dance is worthy, that your self-expression matters, and that your energy is welcomed and needed in our cypher.